NASCIC Project Selection Guidelines

Project Selection Criteria

NASCIC will evaluate potential projects based on their likelihood to bring about positive change for persons living with spinal cord injury by improving their care and quality of life. Advocating for research that more accurately reflects the needs of the SCI community and includes members of the SCI community as equal partners is an important first step in NASCIC’s evolution.

NASCIC members assess proposed projects using the following criteria:

  1. The potential to form relationships between the individuals and organizations representing spinal cord injury;
  2. The potential for the exchange of valid, trustworthy, and useful information, experience, and knowledge;
  3. The potential for promotion of and involvement with ‘best practices’ in research, treatment, and care;
  4. The potential to create and/or strengthen a unified voice for SCI in North America;
  5. The potential to promote collaboration among experts in the fields of research, clinical care, and advocacy of participating members
  6. The resources required of NASCIC, and
  7. The potential impact (considering both breadth and depth) of the proposed

Each criterion will be given a score on a scale 1-5, with 1 being the lowest score. A final score will be the sum score of all 7 criteria.

NASCIC’s Role and Expectations for Projects

Project submissions to NASCIC must include:

  • A brief (500 word) overview, including goals, objectives, outcomes, and timeline of the project related to the involvement of
  • A description of the requested involvement or partnership with NASCIC, such as design input, advisory committee, legislative/reimbursement advocacy, recruitment assistance, implementation,
  • A commitment to NASCIC regarding level of engagement, remuneration,
  • An estimated budget for NASCIC’s portion of the project, including both human and financial

NASCIC must be acknowledged for it’s role in a given project in any publications, promotional or communication material, etc. On project approval by NASCIC, the consortium expects to be a fully involved and equal partner in all project activities and decisions.

NASCIC will evaluate its participation in a project on the basis of that project’s potential to advance its mission, scoring on the criteria described above, and voting by the Assembly of Delegates as described below.

Projects selected by the NASCIC will be responsible for their own budget and financial resources to cover expenses related to NASCIC involvement. Project budgets involving NASCIC activities should also include a 10% add-on for the administrative support provided by the consortium as it specifically relates to the project.

Project Selection Process

  • Once a project is approved, a committee is created and committee chair
  • Each project committee will assign a treasurer who will manage and oversee the committee’s The committee treasurer is responsible for management of monetary resources and reporting the financial status to the Executive Council.
  • The Vice President of NASCIC will oversee all project committee