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Current Members

Principal Members

Conquer Paralysis Now - The Sam Schmidt Foundation
United Spinal Association: Virginia Chapter
Connect + Ability at Warm Springs
Sacramento Spinal Foundation
Get Up Stand Up to Cure Paralysis
Accessible Okanagan
Kentucky Congress on Spinal Cord Injury
Individual Abilities in Motion
Independence Place
Canadian/American Spinal Research Organizations
Push to Walk
Unite 2 Fight Paralysis
Jack Jablonski Foundation
Praxis Spina Cord Institute
Placerville Mobility Support Goup
Spinal Cord Injury Alberta
Determined 2 Heal
National Spinal Cord Injury Association SE Wisconsin Chapter
Pushing Boundaries
The Cody Unser First Step Foundation
United Spinal Association
Fundashon Alton Paas
United Spinal Association of Tennessee
United Spinal Association: Connecticut Chapter
Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation
Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation
NorCal SCI
Spinal Cord Injury Saskatchewan Inc.
United Spinal Association: North Texas Chapter
Ability New Brunswick
Spinal Cord Injury BC
SC Spinal Cord Injury Association
  • Ian Burkhart Foundation, Ohio USA
  • South Fraser Active Living Group, BC Canada
  • West Tennessee SCI, Tennessee USA
  • Empower SCI, Inc., Rhode Island USA

Partner Members


  • Dennis Lippy – Georgia, USA, HomeFree Home Modifications
  • Robert Lipsky – Maryland, USA, Inova Translational Medicine Institute
  • The Inclusive Recreation Program (TIRP) Fayette County Public Schools
  • Vanessa Noonan – British Columbia, Canada, Praxis Spinal Cord Institute
  • Michael Stillman – Pennsylvania, USA, Thomas Jefferson University
  • Life Care Options Inc., Colorado
  • The Steadward Centre for Personal & Physical Achievement
  • Leslie Morse – Minnesota, USA, University of Minnesota, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine 
  • South Florida Spinal Cord Injury Model Center, Miami, Florida 
  • Lynn Worobey – Pennsylvania, USA, University of Pittsburgh
  • Northeast Ohio Regional Spinal Cord Injury System (NORSCIS) 
  • Dr. David McMillan – Florida, USA, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
  • University of Chicago – Brain Computer Interface Lab
  • Dr. Brian Higdon – Florida, USA, Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital 
  • Blair Dellenbach – South Carolina, USA, Medical University of South Carolina 
  • Jenny Kiratli – California, USA, Palo Alto Veterans Institute for Research
  • Dr. Patricia Morton – New Jersey, USA, Rutgers University
  • Caroline Vail – Illinois, USA, Shirley Ryan AbilityLab
  • Joe Lopez – Minnesota, USA, St. Catherine University
  • Shannon Rockall – British Columbia, Canada, Praxis Spinal Cord Institute
  • Erik Anderson – California, USA


The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis
Spinal Cord & Brain Injury Research Center
Cleveland FES Center
MedStar National Rehabilitation Network
Synapse Biomedical Inc.
Every Body Fitness
Institute for Functional Restoration
Walk It Off Spinal Cord Recovery and Wellness Centre
TIRR Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation & Research
Blackrock Microsystems
Project Walk Mt. Laurel
Massachusetts Walks Again
Texas Biomedial Device Center

Patron Members

Douglas Manderville, AB
Teren Clarke, AB
Jocelyn Maffin, BC
Karen Hodge, BC
Kirsten Sharp, BC
Marney Smithies, BC
Richard Peter, BC
Rod Bitz, BC
Sam Douglas, BC
Teri Thorson, BC
Adam O’Neill, ON
Cayleah Lamarsh, ON
Chris Channon, ON
Daryl Rock, ON
Ernest Ofori, ON
Helena Cobanova, ON
Jenn Crandall, ON
John Shepherd, ON
Joshua Forbes, ON
Lorrie Reynolds, ON
Mary Mattos, ON
Elisabeth Guay, QC
Jacinthe Gauthier, QC
Jacques Comeau, QC
Darryl Horst, ON

Crista Adamson – Connecticut, USA
Sarah Middeleer – Connecticut, USA
Steve LaRocca – Connecticut, USA
Rebecca Tripp – Maine, USA
Arthur Torrey – Massachusetts, USA
Bryan Troie – Massachusetts, USA
Dave Estrada – Massachusetts, USA
James Wilcox – Massachusetts, USA
Marita Niquette – Massachusetts, USA
Zahra Farrar – Massachusetts, USA
Arthur Demers – New Hampshire, USA
Walt Petig – New Hampshire, USA
April Mendel – New Jersey, USA
Cynthia Templeton – New Jersey, USA
Noreen Gunnell – New Jersey, USA
Tony Degliomini – New Jersey, USA
Russell Lash – New Jersey, USA
Andrea Dalzell – New York, USA
Asa Bacon – New York, USA
Cynthia Gow – New York, USA
Dan Ohar – New York, USA
Elaine Castelluccio – New York, USA
Farzana Ali – New York, USA
Jeff Welden – New York, USA
Jose Hernandez – New York, USA
Patrick Shaw – New York, USA
Susan Smith – New York, USA
Trevor Dyson-Hudson – New York, USA
Joe Salva – Pennsylvania, USA
Marguerite Delerme – Pennsylvania, USA
David Gifford – Pennsylvania, USA
Lenni Nedley – Pennsylvania, USA
Barbara Archer – Pennsylvania, USA
Kate Chalfin – Pennsylvania, USA
Christine Mathews – Pennsylvania, USA
Shelly Kerchner – Pennsylvania, USA
Sean Ferry – Pennsylvania, USA
Jacob Chalfin – Pennsylvania, USA

Carrie Jones – Arkansas, USA
Anthony Hunter – Illinois, USA
Christopher DeRycke – Illinois, USA
Gary Gesme – Illinois, USA
Kelly Hogan – Illinois, USA
Michele, Lee – Illinois, USA
Tatiana Thomas – Illinois, USA
Craig Doninger – Indiana, USA
Annie Streit – Indiana, USA
Douglass Woodwell – Indiana, USA
Garrett Frey – Iowa, USA
Jennifer Wolff – Iowa, USA
Beth Pelletier – Michigan, USA
Brenda Baraniak – Michigan, USA
Edward Graver – Michigan, USA
Karen Ballard – Michigan, USA
Diane Drost – Minnesota, USA
Peter Grahn – Minnesota, USA
Rachel Malone – Minnesota, USA
Robert Mickelson – Minnesota, USA
Scott Roberts – Minnesota, USA
Heidi Parker – Missouri, USA
Jerry Frisk – Missouri, USA
Lisa Ladd – Missouri, USA
Maryanne McCauley – Missouri, USA
Trevor Hale – Missouri, USA
Jon Adams – North Dakota, USA
Dave Dombrowski – Ohio, USA
Jason Riley – Ohio, USA
Joseph Myers – Ohio, USA
Kim Anderson – Ohio, USA
Megan Hammond – Ohio, USA
Molly Schneider – Ohio, USA
Paul Cook – Ohio, USA
Peter Nowell – Ohio, USA
Ruth Anker – Ohio, USA
Tamatha Clay – Ohio, USA
Tim Erisman – Ohio, USA
Yoshinori Tomoyasu – Ohio, USA
Ervin Mulkey – Wisconsin, USA
Michael Behnke – Wisconsin, USA
Peter Byrne – Wisconsin, USA
Jeff Pagels – Wisconsin, USA

David Pepper – Alabama, USA
Bailey Negron – Florida, USA
Bill Morell – Florida, USA
Bruno Santos – Florida, USA
Chris Kutsch – Florida, USA
Daniel Mowery – Florida, USA
Donald Spanitz – Florida, USA
Jennifer French – Florida, USA
Jerrod Kerr – Florida, USA
JR Harding – Florida, USA
Justin Stark – Florida, USA
Keane West – Florida, USA
Kevin Whitney – Florida, USA
Melba Watts – Florida, USA
Monica Quimby – Florida, USA
Robert Gammon – Florida, USA
Robert Klein II – Florida, USA
Ryan Gebauer – Florida, USA
Therese Twitty – Florida, USA
Thomas Bateman – Florida, USA
Thomas Vollman – Florida, USA
Tim Kimball – Florida, USA 
Heryun Ayers – Florida, USA
Robert Coombs – Florida, USA
Cheryl Deariso – Georgia, USA
Jacob Shreckengost – Georgia, USA
Julianne McCorkle – Kentucky, USA
Lora Hornung – Kentucky, USA
Steven Womack – Kentucky, USA
Tom O’Donnell – Kentucky, USA
Paul Erway – Kentucky, USA
Claudia Garofalo – Louisiana, USA
Buz Chmielewski – Maryland, USA
Joseph Singleton – Maryland, USA
Kathleen Tevan – Maryland, USA
David Morgan – North Carolina, USA
Martin Horn – North Carolina, USA
Paul Wood – North Carolina, USA
Tim Hopper – North Carolina, USA
Darin Scott – Oklahoma, USA
Adam Bacon – South Carolina, USA
Barbara Delia – South Carolina, USA
E. Jeffrey Glover – South Carolina, USA
Gloria Stokely – South Carolina, USA
Maureen Bacon – South Carolina, USA
Yolanda Jones – South Carolina, USA
Martha White – Tennessee, USA
Rebecca Gonzales – Tennessee, USA
Shamar Jones – Tennessee, USA
Michael Thomson – Tennessee, USA
David Montes – Texas, USA
David Worley – Texas, USA
Garett Parrish – Texas, USA
Marly Murphy – Texas, USA
Matt Strickland – Texas, USA
Melissa Kirkpatrick – Texas, USA
Rosemary Bazan – Texas, USA
Bill Fertig – Virginia, USA
Daniela Joseph – Virginia, USA
David Coffield – Virginia, USA
Josef Argueta – Virginia, USA
Laurie Zappulla – Virginia, USA
Noreen Fertig – Virginia, USA
Patricia Guerra – Virginia, USA
Sharon Drennan – Virginia, USA

Lorrie Clifford – Arizona, USA
Noland Arbaugh – Arizona, USA
Christy Patton – California, USA
Deirdre Gonzalez – California, USA
Denise Rogers – California, USA
Drake Garvin – California, USA
Ignacio Montoya – California, USA
Joe Quigg – California, USA
Judith Smith – California, USA
Louis Fazzi – California, USA
Lynda Bowman – California, USA
Lynn Murray – California, USA
Marilyn Hamilton – California, USA
Nancy Smith – California, USA
Pamela Crawford – California, USA
Randy Weidner – California, USA
Robert Ginis – California, USA
Scoba Rhodes – California, USA
Shannon Sweeney – California, USA
Sonia Baker – California, USA
Timothy Crane – California, USA
Winslow Lincoln – California, USA
Ronald Augsburger – California, USA
Jeremy Beach – Colorado, USA
Quinn Brett – Colorado, USA
Richard Hanbury – Colorado, USA
Tom Yasko – Hawaii, USA
Gina Lytle – Montana, USA
Jason Stoffer – Montana, USA
Frances Ozur Cole – New Mexico, USA
Ron Hyde – Oregon, USA
Jeff Compatore – Washington, USA