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NASCIC Research Advocacy Course

Welcome to the NASCIC Research Advocacy Course.  This course is designed to educate and empower individuals with spinal cord injury, researchers and clinicians, and caregivers who wish to become more involved with Clinical Research relating to SCI at all levels.

From the biology of a spinal cord injury to first-hand accounts from both researchers and people living with spinal cord injury and their families, we aimed to bring together all of the relevant tools anyone would need to become an active advocate that can represent the unique needs and viewpoints of the SCI community at all levels of clinical research.

We welcome you to take the course at your own pace, and make use of the additional resources such as the glossary and Module recaps before every quiz.  In order to be considered a graduate of the course a 70% score on the quizzes will be necessary, and upon completion of all of the modules you will receive a Certificate of Completion recognizing you as a graduate.

The NASCIC membership and our engaged committee members have worked hard to ensure this course is effective, inclusive, and easy to navigate.  If you have any feedback on the experience please let us know!  

Good luck, and enjoy the course.

Course Content

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Module 1: Introduction to Research Advocacy
Module 2: Understanding the Research Process and R&D Decision Making
Module 3: Addressing Historical Challenges for SCI Studies - Coming Fall/Winter 2022
Module 4: How to Evaluate Participation - Coming Fall/Winter 2022
Module 5: SCI Biology Part I - How an SCI Causes Loss of Function - Coming Fall/Winter 2022
Module 6: SCI Biology Part II - Aging with an SCI - Coming Fall/Winter 2022
Module 7: Neuroprotection - Coming Fall/Winter 2022
Module 8: Cell Replacement - Coming Fall/Winter 2022
Module 9: Regeneration (Neurorepair) - Coming Fall/Winter 2022
Module 10: Retraining (Neuroplasticity) - Coming Fall/Winter 2022
Module 11: Quality of Life Research - Coming Fall/Winter 2022
Module 12: SCI 101 for Researchers - Coming Fall/Winter 2022
Module 13: Getting Involved - Coming Fall/Winter 2022

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